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The untitled comedy is inspired by Stuckey’s relationship with his brother. It centers on Gary Stuckey, for whom sibling rivalry takes on a whole new meaning when his charismatic, athletic “little brother” opens a restaurant in their hometown and his golden boy lifestyle starts to impact Gary’s wife and kids.

Produced by ABC Studios, it centers on a thirtysomething “only child” (Scovel) who must move home and parent his parents after they retire and revert to acting like children with too much time on their hands. 

In the high-concept SAGA, which could be a potential companion to ABC’s fairytale drama Once Upon A Time, when the author of a best-selling book series (think J.K. Rowling) goes missing before she can complete the final installment in her epic fantasy saga, a family of fans discovers she’s been kidnapped into the very real world of her books and attempts to rescue her.

The untitled Miller/Fleischer project at Fox is a drama set in the world of Texas ranches and rodeos in which multiple generations of two families on either side of the American Dream struggle for love, power and glory.

The multicamera workplace comedy from Universal Television revolves around half-sisters Julie and Missy who are desperately trying to keep their Charlotte, N.C., furniture store afloat. Slightly standing in their way: competition from a giant Danish furniture Wüd, their own employees and the challenges of their Odd Couple-esque relationship. Feimster will play one of the sisters.

Run Black is being written by former Criminal Minds showrunner Simon Mirren, who also has a deal at Sony TV. It centers on a brilliant and dangerous prisoner who is given a chance to reduce his sentence when the FBI recruits him to partner up with a book-smart but painfully naive agent to infiltrate and dismantle a criminal empire on the outside.

NBC’s Bar Scene, from writers/exec producers Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler (90210), is based on the life of Jackie Davis, who is a series co-creator. It is about a team of misfit lawyers who start their own practice.

The single-camera project is based on the 2006 BBC2 comedy starring Michelle Gomez (watch the trailer below), created by Georgia Pritchett and produced by Catherine Bailey Limited. It centers on two rookie female cops who struggle to prove themselves in a male-dominated police force.

The comedy centers on an artsy dad with zero interest in sports who is thrown into a new family dynamic and social life as he and his wife face a challenge for which they are woefully ill-equipped: a jock kid. Marin, Schneider, O’Brien, David Kissinger and Jeff Ross are executive producing.

Evolve is set two years after a mysterious biological agent is released over Los Angeles when the city is still deemed too toxic to inhabit and remains sealed off from the rest of society. A small group of ordinary citizens outside the quarantined zone, who do not believe the government’s story, embark on a mission to uncover the truth of what happened to their family members who were inside the affected area. What they discover is a world where once-ordinary humans now have extraordinary abilities and powerful government forces seek to destroy them.

The drama revolves around three sisters from a dynastic Hollywood family whose lives are thrown into panic mode when they each discover how they’re connected to and affected to an A-list actress when her body is found lifeless in her pool.

Coup is a serialized thriller about a young American man whose wife is taken hostage in an overseas coup, and who must join forces with a dangerous mercenary to get her back.

The project centers on Oliver and Kelli, who if they weren’t aware of the adage “When you marry someone, you don’t just marry them, you marry their whole family” before they were married, they are now. Each episode will focus on a different side of the family: one week featuring the couple dealing with Kelli’s family, the next spent with Oliver’s.  

Black Friday is an action thriller that follows a guy who unexpectedly finds himself in the center of a perilous event where he is responsible for the safety of others. The show follows him as he works to uncover the conspiracy responsible for the event while also following the personal lives of those surrounding him.

Geoff Moore and David Posamentier will write the adaptation, which tells the story of an American man who buys a deli for his wife’s Korean parents and now has to try to find the balance between his new job, his wife, and his overbearing in-laws.

The ensemble comedy centers on Kate (Hunt), a confidently insecure woman with a complicated life.

Yago will write and executive produce the ABC Studios drama, which revolves around a city mayor and her staff — all in their 20s and 30s — who take on the political establishment while juggling their personal and social lives.